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Foods That You Should Cut Out To Help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Foods That You Should Cut Out To Help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

In the vast majority of cases, every type of food and drink in their basic form is good for you and isn’t particularly unhealthy – it’s the way that they’re cooked or produced that increases their calorie count. Take alcohol as an example. Drink it in its beer form and you could be looking at close to 200 calories in every pint. Move to a distilled, clear spirit such as vodka and a single measure is about a quarter of this.

Stay Healthy By Maintaining The Food You Eat

No matter how much you go to your gym in London, jog around your local village or walk through the peaks of the Lake District, you’ll struggle to lose weight and keep it off if you don’t eat a healthy diet and these 4 types of food are ones that you should aim to cut out to ensure your weight loss is as effective as possible.

White Carbs

Bit of a broad topic, but if you’re eating carbohydrates and their white (think white bread, pasta or rice) and you’re trying to lose weight, you either need to limit your intake considerably or better still, swap them for their brown or wholegrain alternatives. Most people stick to white carbs as it’s what they’re grew up with, know and what’s readily available in the supermarket. Just take a look a little closer next time you’re shopping, however and you’ll notice that practically every white carb food has a brown or wholegrain alternative – and more often than not they’re just as tasty, too.


Would you believe that when you’re trying to lose weight and stay healthy, butter is better for you than margarine? The problem with margarine is that it’s loaded with trans fats, which are a result of hydrogenation, the process by which margarine is made. If you haven’t heard of trans fats, there’s only one thing you need to know – stay away from them. The cause of many heart problems, if you want to put something on your bread, opt for a thin layer of unsalted butter.


Whether we’re talking about natural cane sugars or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, they all need to be cut out to ensure you eat the healthiest diet possible. The problems with artificial sweeteners are too extensive to list (a simple search of “aspartame problems” in Google returns over 340,000 web pages), but with sugars it’s a lot easier and generally speaking, white sugar and white blood cells don’t work well together, with the first affecting the latter in a negative way, reducing the effectiveness of your body’s immune system.

The Meats

It’s understood that not everyone can afford the best quality meat available, but it’s important to realise that generally speaking, the cheaper the meat, the lower the actual meat content is. For example, in most supermarkets you can purchase a dozen pork sausages for around one pound. Affordable and edible, the problem is that the pork content will likely be around 40 percent, meaning that the remaining 60 percent is made up of water and bone. What’s more, cheap meats generally have preservatives in them such as ammonia, the product which is so bad for your body that it tries it’s hardest to get rid of it.