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Become A Professional In Baking By Adding Shine To The Fondants

Become A Professional In Baking By Adding Shine To The Fondants

There is a story behind every cake created. It’s your creation after all and it deserves to be heard by all. If you want your fresh bake to shine amidst everything else, you need to play with the fondants a little more than usual. Well! It doesn’t mean you have to be a pro in baking.

Tips To Do The Great Baking

Fondants have always added to looks and texture of a cake and if you are lucky, you can turn heads with your latest bake. Want to know how you can work on fondants?

Tips To Do The Great Baking

Use Egg Whites

If you have got the fondants ready and need to them to shine, take egg white in a bowl. Paint every fondant with the egg white and in minutes the little fondants you have designed or have cut out will start to shine. Remember to use only food safe paint brush for painting the fondants. Now, let the little work of art dry.

Use Confectioner’s Glaze

If you don’t want to work with eggs, relax! Here is another easier way to allow the fondants to glow. Get a glaze spray. The edible glaze that you spray will remarkably dry faster than other mediums. They mostly come packaged in pre-made form and hence you can expect a little more of finesse added to your work. Get a parchment paper, keep the fondants on it and spray. This will prevent the area from getting messy.


Okay so you have cut out stars, moons and everything that shines. Here is another easier method to make your cake decoration perfectly shiny like those you see at a cake shop in Malta. Most of the times, professionals use steamers to add an extra shine to the cake craft. The best part about using steamers is that you can evenly add the shine all over the fondant or cake.


You thought alcohol is only meant for people who like to drink? The substance has marvellous effect in bringing about a shine on a cake or on fondants which you can further use on other cake crafts. Get a bottle of vodka and brush it on your fondant. As you do this, you will instantly start witnessing a change. The fondants will begin sparkle. It’s one of the quickest ways you can add shine to your fresh bake. The shimmer however fades away with time.


Adding some sheen to a cake is good deal of a job and there are some little tools and items available, which can make all the difference to your oven fresh cake. If you are a beginner and yet seek interest in adding some shine to your upcoming cake craft, think of using shortening. When you rub the shortening on the fondant the latter turns shinier. However shortening never really dries up and stays a little sticky. It gives a greasy feel.

These are some common ways to make your cake look as beautiful as those that you come across in a cake shop in Malta. These quick hacks will help you decorate a cake like a professional.