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Famous Distilleries That Need To Be On Every Whiskey Connoisseur’s Bucket List

Famous Distilleries That Need To Be On Every Whiskey Connoisseur's Bucket List

With less than 2% of the total water on earth, fresh water is a precious commodity. The region around the Colorado river has been blessed by its all year long abundant supply of fresh water. Apart from our drinking and daily needs, fresh water is also a very essential resource for making so many consumable items. Due to abundance of fresh water in the Colorado area since centuries, it has been a sort after choice for breweries and distilleries.

Get To Know About Famous Distilleries

With a whole legacy of whiskey makers, the Colorado region boasts of some of the finest whiskeys created in America . So, for whiskey connoisseurs and lovers, here’s a guide to some of the best distilleries in the Colorado region. You can now easily find the Colorado distilleries when you are in the state.

Get To Know About Famous Distilleries

Laws Whiskey House

The Laws Whiskey House is famous for its four-grain bourbon. They produce straight Bourbon with traditional open-air fermentation, aged for a minimum of two years in American White Oak barrels. They take pride in their meticulously selection and blend of water, yeast, corn, barley, wheat and rye. You can taste their produce in the tasting room or even better schedule a tour to see how it’s done. The tours start as low as $10 per person. So, don’t wait book now.

Rising Sun Distillery

The Rising Sun distillery the fine handcrafted distilled spirits. From the best locally sourced produce and grains available to pure Colorado water, the Red Sun distillery takes pride in its selection of natural ingredients. This craft distillery also produces signature vodka, gin, Colorado peach brandy and various liqueurs, handmade from scratch in regulated batches to assure high quality and flavor. Make sure to stop by the tasting room for a cocktail. Do check out their website for free tours.

Mythology Distillery

The story behind the distillery is about three Denver natives who went on a skiing trip to Alaska and came back with an inspiration for a new blend. The Mythology distillery takes pride in its sourcing of locally grown and other ingredients to maintain quality and constancy of each batch.

Leopold Bros

This family-owned distillery is popular across Denver. Locals favorites include unique flavored spirits like the Rocky mountain peach whiskey, the Rocky mountain blackberry whiskey, three pins Alpine herbal liqueur and French press-style American coffee liqueur. They offer tours to make tourists and patrons experience their craftsmanship.

Ironton Distillery and Craft house

If you’re in Denver’s RiNo Art District and looking to grab a drink, then look no further. The Ironton distillery and craft house is known for their in-house produce like vodka, gin, aquavit, and flavored liqueur. Take a drink and relax in the ambience of this beautiful whiskey craft house.

Denver Distillery

Located inside a repurposed historic hotel, the Denver Distillery is known for being the city’s first distillery-pub. You can savor a tasteful selection of in-house spirits like strawberry kiwi liqueur, apple pie moonshine and spiced rum, beer, wine, cider and other spirits from other local makers.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Last but not the least, this distillery touts not only its originality but also its claim to being the first Colorado-born whiskey. This distillery also takes pride in the patronage of Denver citizens to keep their distillery going. The company remains committed to making and serving the smoothest, most distinctively flavored whiskey.