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Russian Family Restaurant: 'Be Prepared to Put in 12
to 16 Hours'
To spend a day in the shoes of the owners of the
family-owned restaurant is to put in long hours but, at the end of day,
know they've had at least one more satisfied customer.

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A little bit about us: The main ingredient is the BOSS
The young lady, who never dreamed to be in America, much
less to have a business of her own. Tatiana was raised by single mother in
the small resort town of south Russia close to Georgia. Since childhood she
always was attracted to cooking, any chance she had to get a recipe from
anybody she could she would try to perfect.

Once while working as an inventory clerk for one of the biggest
construction company in Moscow (Mosstroy) there was a potluck the
Russian style. Every body bring something and dump everything on
somebody to make it work. And Tatiana was discovered. By the time
Tatiana left for Good U.S.A. she was doing the banquets for the top bosses
of the  construction company  and their elite cartel.

Vladimir practically lived most of his life in the States and always loved a
good food (as the former brother in law said
You finally got a woman that
can cook!
) went along with the idea to let his new wife to show the world
how good Russian food should taste.
When we bought
the business it had
a different name
but well known
shop (Jean’s
Pastry) in the area
for forty years. And
our profile
neither name or the
business we tried to

Since we always
tried to be
authentic and
traditional we
decided to call it
“Russian Family”
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