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Salad Oliv’e $8.50
(Russian style potato salad w/ham, vegetables and mayo.)

Salad “Vinegret” $7.50
Veggie (Ever-loved beet salad.)

Old Fashion Shrimp Salad $12.00
Shrimps, bell pepper, lettuce, parsley, capers, green onions, garlic, mayo, lemon, dry sherry,
tabasco. Meal size.)

B.L.T. Chicken Salad $10.50
Lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado, chicken breast & special homemade dressing. Meal size.)

Amsterdam Salad $9.50
European style ham salad with fresh apples, celery, lettuce, mayo & horseradish. Meal size.)

House Toss Salad $6.50
Veggie (Lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, bell pepper, carrots, green onion & house dressing.)

Pirozhki w/beef, potato or cabbage $3.75


Borshch Ukrainskiy $5.00
(Classic red vegetable soup w/12 ingredients in homemade beef broth.)

Spring Green Soup $5.00
Veggie (Served Hot or Cold on Your request. Veggie soup w/herbs, spinach and lemon juice.
Served w/Russian sour cream and h/b eggs.)

Shchi Sutochniye $5.75
(Classic Russian-style soup w/sauerkraut and beef.)

Solianka “Moskovskaya” $5.75
(Zesty mixed-meat soup with sausages & smoked meats.)

Soup s Gribami $5.75
(Mushroom soup w/white & wild porcini mushrooms and barley.)


Beef Stroganoff $12.50
(Strips of tender beef in sour cream sauce w/onions and bay leaves served w/buckwheat.)

Chakhokhbily iz kuritsy $12.00
(Georgian-style stewed chicken w/herbs, tomatoes & potatoes.)

Babushkiny Zrazy $12.00
(Grandma’s patties. Potato patties stuffed w/ground beef. Served w/homemade mushroom gravy.)

Blinchiki s Myasom $10.50
(Crepes w/ground beef. Served w/Russian style sour cream.)

Pelmeny s Myasom $9.50
(Siberian dumplings filled w/ground beef & pork. Served w/Russian sour cream or Russian sauce.)

Pelmeny s Kuritsey $9.50
(Siberian dumplings filled w/ground chicken. For people who do not eat pork.)

Pelmeny s Gribami $11.00
(Mushroom filled dumplings served with Russian sour cream & caramelized onions.)

Vareniki s Kartoshkoy $9.50
Veggie (Dumplings filled w/potato and served with Russian sour cream & caramelized onions.)

Perez Farshirovaniy $11.50
(Stuffed bell pepper w/ground beef & rice served w/homemade creamy sauce.)


We serve premium European beers on tap, European wine, Vodka from Russia &other countries.

Soda, Coke, 7UP $2.00

Mineral Water $2.50 & up

Kvass (n/a malt drink) & Russian Fruit Flavored Soda

Glass $2.50
Carafe $6.00

Beer (Draft: Czechvar, Staropramen, Stiegl Pils, Spaten Optimator,
H.B. Original, Octoberfest, Hefe-Weizen, Weltenburger Kloster - Dunkel)

0.3L $4.00
0.5L $6.00
Russian Beer in the bottles only $6.00 & up

Belgium beers ARE : Tripel, Scotch Silly, Piraat & Gulden Draak

0.25L $7.50 & up

All European Wine (By glass)

House Wine $5.50
Branded $7.00 & up

Wine (By Bottle) Ask for wine list

Espresso Bar

Espresso Sgl $3.00 Dbl $4.75

Cappuccino Sgl $4.00 Dbl $5.50

Latte Sgl $3.50 Dbl $5.00

Mocha Sgl $4.00 Dbl $5.50

Hot Chocolate $4.00

Coffee $3.00

Tea $2.50


All desserts are made in the house. Please ask the waiter for assortment.

18% gratuity added to every group of 6 people or more.

                                                                    2086 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063  (650) 369-2950  info@russianfamily.net
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Tue-Fri 11-3pm