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Buy Your Spices From Online For Food In India

Buy Your Spices From Online For Food In India

Organic by definition means “natural,” and when we use it in the context of food, it signifies farming techniques where neither chemicals nor pesticides are used. With access to a wide range of information, people are slowly realizing the harmful side-effects of consuming food laced with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, the demand for naturally grown food and spices is on the rise.

Buy Spices Via Online Store In India

If you are wondering how organic spices are different from normal, then just imagine adding a yellow chemical-laced powder to your food. This is exactly how normal spices are constituted where they are first exposed to chemicals and radiation while being grown and secondly when they are powdered for consumption.

Buy Spices Via Online Store In India

If you care for the health of yourself and your family, then it is advisable to consume organic Indian spices. There are many people claiming to be organic spice manufacturers in India, and it gets difficult to separate the genuine ones from the fake ones. So, to make things easier for you, we have shortlisted the 10 best websites where you can buy organic Indian spices in India.

Being Organic for You

This is an online shopping platform that offers a decent range of certified products across several brands. The website offers free shipping above INR 499 and also has a no-hassle return policy.

Thottam Farm Fresh

Thottam Farm Fresh sells authentic Kerala spices online, sourced directly from the farmers. The website not only helps its clients get easy access to organic whole spices but also empowers farmers through fair trade practices.

Conscious Food

Conscious Food is a Mumbai based food manufacturer, which sells its products online – this includes Indian spices. Customers can choose from a variety of popular as well as indigenous spices which are available in different sized packets for all consumption needs.

Organic Garden

Enhance your food with the taste that carries health benefits with a sprinkle of Organic Garden’s range of naturally grown spices and seasonings. As their brand name implies, they offer organic Indian spices for sale, including whole spices – both their whole and ground are certified by India and USDA.

Organic Shop

Shop from the comfort of your home through Organic Shop’s online portal. The website sells authentic products manufactured by various brands – in fact, they sell more than 50 varieties.

Kerala Spices Online

They bring to you pure, high-quality organic spices from Kerala. The portal curates its products from organic spice manufacturers, thus ensuring its authenticity and flavor.

Food street

Around since 2014, many customers have turned to Foodstreet for organic Indian spices and condiments. The website consists of products from all around the world, as well as from remote areas in India. Added bonus – they offer spice combo packs, along with interesting masalas like Bhojpuri masala and Naga chilly.

Natural Spices Online

Fulfill your culinary dream with 100% organic Kerala spices on Natural Spices Online’s Website. Special care is taken to ensure their spices retain freshness and flavor during the steps of grounding and packaging.


Founded way back in 1997, Plantrich supplies sustainable and organic products to consumers. This green business initiative sources the spices from tribal farmers in Kerala and brings them to your kitchen.

Big Basket

Big Basket, one of India’s most popular online grocery stores, provides various branded organic spices for the customers to choose from. Their best feature is their super-fast delivery.

We hope your journey toward a healthy lifestyle begins soon with a simple upgrade to organic powdered and organic whole spices in your pantry. And, it’s convenient – all it takes in this day and age is a simple click to buy organic spices in India !