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The Best Restaurants In Delhi For An Authentic Food Experience

The Best Restaurants In Delhi For An Authentic Food Experience

If you want a taste of Italy in Delhi, then Sorrento, named after a town in Italy, is the perfect place for you. It gives you the feeling of Italy- the taste buds are tickled as you see a range of cheese, pasta being rolled out right in front of you, the wood fire at the pizza station and much more.

Try The Best Food In Delhi

The chef does not just make you taste foods of the region, but creates dishes with ingredients flown all the way from Italy, making sure people don’t miss out the flavors of the region.

Try The Best Food In Delhi

The fine dining is fun dining and we can agree that one should begin with the best Italian cheese platter with truffle honey and meat platter. The cheese and grapes make the perfect dish. One should even try the mozzarella on wheels salad.

Apart from the salad, one should let their taste buds try the stozzapreti Italian sausage pasta. With the pasta, on one’s next trip to the restaurant, one can try the Neapolitan pizza too. In the main course, if you are one those fish eaters, you can try the black cod fish. For dessert of course, tiramisu is a must along with Mount Vesuvius, a rich chocolate dish.

Delhi Club House

It is often said that Delhi club house is all about reminisces of an era gone by, the culture gone by. For starters, you can have vodka with orange, chilly and lemon and try colonial- vodka, yellow peppers and passion fruit. Yummy, indeed!! There are no prizes for guesses what you can eat with these: peanuts, fish finger orly and prawn cutlets.

Indus Express (Indian Food)

At Indus express, the menu presents food from places where the Indus River flows- Pothovar, Rawalpindi, Amritsar, Khyber and Lahore. You should try Ajwanai Jhinga, a presh prawns dish bursting with flavors, the lotus stems with prunes and something you haven’t eaten before.

The dishes are made on low flames keeping the flavors intact. For instance, Raan E Khyver with juicy mutton pieces, Dal Balti meat and much more which will keep you coming back for more. Complete it with mouth watering phirni and anjeer ice cream. At the end of the meal, you will go home feeling happy and satisfied.

Lakhori (Indian Cuisine)

Ever thought of having the perfect fine dining experience in the packed alleys of chandni chowk? Well, you are in luck, as Lakhori, Haveli Dharampura’s restaurant, offers you fine dining. The restaurant offers a mix of Mughlai and traditional chandni chowk dishes. The menu is constantly changing and is a set meal of all kinds of delicacies. You can start with Jahan Ara, a spicy khas based mocktail and then try the paan banarasi. You should also give your taste buds a taste of dahi puri that comes in shot glasses. The main course consists of Kofta Dogal and mutton korma, amongst various others, which are the main dishes one should try.

EN – The Japanese Restaurant

If you love Japanese food, you should go to En in Merauli where the food is perfect and the atmosphere is amazing. If you are having lunch here, then sit at a table with the view of Qutub Minar.